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What is Navigator360°

"If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there."
– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Navigator360° is a comprehensive proprietary Financial Planning process available exclusively through the Hibernia Financial Group.

It is a roadmap that uses five pillars to help us to target and prepare for Critical Life Events (CLE), both expected and unexpected.  CLE’s include such things as retirement, education planning, marriage, investment property, divorce, selling a business, death, birth, inheritance, estate planning …there are a myriad of possibilities and permutations depending solely on your personal and/or corporate circumstances.

Navigator360° allows us to look at each issue in isolation or to model them concurrently based on your unique set of circumstances.  The goal is to put structure to our lifestyle needs and desires, in a way that’s realistic and reviewable.

Statistically speaking, significantly better outcomes await those that plan for them.  (Click here for more information)

How does it work?

This is the ‘get to know you’ part.  We need to see if we’re a fit for your needs, so we’ll ask you some broad-based questions about who you are, your hopes and aspirations for yourself, your family, and the lifestyle options you wish to consider.  Hibernia Financial Group is a multi-disciplinary office that takes a team approach to Financial & Estate Planning.  Our skill-sets will be combined in a manner that focuses on your unique set of financial circumstances.

Through the five pillars of Navigator360° we look to gather information under the following categories:

  • Wealth Management
  • Risk Management
  • Taxation
  • Legal
  • Real Estate

For example, Mary and John are a couple who wish to retire in 15 years.  She’s a business owner, he’s a member of the RCMP.  They have two kids to educate, a cottage.  They have RRSPs, TFSAs and there are retained earnings in the company.  His parents are in good health, hers are not.  She had breast cancer 3 years ago.  Their main concerns include their continued good health, education of their children, provision for their children after they pass away, protecting the business, selling the business, retirement and lifestyle planning.  Clearly Mary and John are very busy people.  There are a lot of things going on in their lives.  Using Navigator360° we can de-clutter in order to discover; plan for, and implement their core life goals in the Financial & Estate Planning arena.

A personalized roadmap through Navigator360° will help them to stay on track as their circumstances change. Indeed, key to its success is the ability to constantly re-adjust to changing circumstances.  It used to be I had to carry a map in the car with me and especially on long journeys.  Nowadays people just "Google" everything.  Either way the map to the destination is of great importance.  If a map is important when planning a road trip then how much more important is it when it comes to preparing for Critical Life Events?  Some things are too important to leave to chance.

How are we paid?

Hibernia Financial Group is primarily a fee-based service provider.  Through Navigator360° we offer comprehensive Financial & Estate Planning, Investment & Risk Management.

Fees charged are explicit, competitive and are based on a percentage of investment assets under management.  Our services are geared toward those who have a minimum of $500,000* in investable personal or corporate assets.  Fees are paid monthly, quarterly or annually directly from the investment accounts, from a credit card or annually by cheque.  Fees relating to non-registered accounts may be deductible for tax purposes.  Please consult a professional tax advisor.

*A $250,000 minimum will be considered for fee-based planning under certain circumstances.

Some investment products automatically pay a trailing commission to the dealership and the dealership then pays the advisor.  This is not under Hibernia Financial Group’s control.  This commission would however be disclosed to you along with any other fees or commissions prior to implementing any investment decisions.

Risk Management can involve the use of an insurance policy.  The insurance provider may pay a commission to Hibernia Financial Group for arranging and servicing the insurance contract during its existence or upon a claim.

More information regarding how fees are charged can be found under Section 10 of the Manulife Securities "Important Information Brochure" at http://co.manulife.ca/securities/clientresources.

Manulife Securities related companies are 100% owned by The Manufactures Life Insurance Company (MLI) which is 100% owned by the Manulife Financial Corporation a publically traded company. Details regarding all affiliated companies of MLI can be found on the Manulife Securities website www.manulifesecurities.ca.